DC Relaunching Its Comics With New No. 1s and 'Justice League' by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee

After weeks of rumor, DC finally made official that it is relaunching their entire comics line with 52 first issues.

And leading the charge will be the launch of even longer-rumored Geoff Johns-Jim Lee collaboration on Justice League. The team-up is noteworthy as Johns is the CCO of DC Entertainment and one of the top writers in the comics business, writing such books as Green Latern and The Flash; Lee was one the industry’s top artists before most of his time was taken by his current duties as DC Comics co-publisher.

Bleeding Cool has been looking under every rock for clues and tips on possible titles and creative teams while Comic Book Resources, which dangles the possibility of a new Superman comic written by Grant Morrison in its rundown, also talks to retailers to dissect the ramifications of this “historic renumbering.”

Relaunching a title with a new No. 1 sees a jump in sales but in most cases it’s a short-term effect. And Marvel is guilty of renumbering titles all the time only to fall back, a year or two later, to the previous numbers. Is DC really going to ignore Detective Comics’ issues which are running in the 880s and restart the comic?

And will this help stem the erosion of readers from the ailing comics industry?

Tune in this September.

In the meantime, here’s an image of John and Lee’s Justice League that is tantalizing comicdom today.