DC Releases New 'Sandman: Overture' TV Spot

A 30-second ad spotlights the visuals of J.H. Williams and the legacy of Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed comic book series from the 1990s.
DC Entertainment

The first issue of the series has already been released -- and was the eighth highest-ordered comic of last month, according to a newly released chart. Yet apparently DC Entertainment's Vertigo imprint believes that The Sandman: Overture needs some more exposure, with the publisher unveiling a new TV ad for the series.

Television has been part of DC's promotional strategies for the last couple of years, with the publisher producing an ad per year focusing on a particular series or event. In 2011, it was the line relaunch of DC superhero properties from "The New 52" followed by a campaign based around the Before Watchmen promotion last year.

The new ad refers to Overture as "the first new Sandman story in 17 years," which oddly ignores the 2003 graphic novel The Sandman: Endless Nights, featuring a story about Morpheus, written by creator Neil Gaiman with art by Miguelanxo Prado.

(Less obviously, the character appeared in a 1998 two-part story of JLA, marking one of the few appearances of the character following the conclusion of the original series. Both the Endless Nights and Overture stories take place before the first issue of the original series.)

Art from the advertisement all comes from J.H. Williams III and Dave Stewart's work in the first issue, although Dave McKean's variant cover is glimpsed during Gaiman's on-screen credit. It's unclear when or where the ad will air, although previous campaigns have screened on IFC and BBC America. For now, watch the ad below.