DC Releases Retro 'Batman' Trailer (Video)

Batman Black and White - H 2013
<p>Batman Black and White - H 2013</p>
Artist Dave Bullock's beautiful art is showcased in a new video trailer for the second issue of DC's "Batman: Black and White" anthology.

We're used to trailers for movies, TV shows and even (increasingly, these days) books. But trailers for comic books are still something of a rarity. Marvel Comics has done it a few times, as has Valiant, but this new trailer for the second issue of DC's Batman: Black and White raises the bar with a particularly retro glimpse at what's to come.

The trailer combines Dave Bullock's beautiful artwork for "Silent Night … Unholy Knight!" -- one of several strips from the second issue of the anthology series -- with some classic movie music to create something that's like a storyboard or animatic for the best 1940s Batman movie never made. Who do we have to convince in order to see much, much more of this?

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Batman: Black and White #2 will be released October 2 in comic stores and digitally.