DC Replacing 'Green Lantern' Comic With 'Blackstars'

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Liam Sharp/DC
Hal Jordan is switching teams in November.

DC’s current comic book series The Green Lantern comes to a conclusion in October, and according to the publisher, the Green Lantern Corps as a concept will finish along with it. The following month, a new series will launch, introducing its replacement — the sinister cult known as the Blackstars.

The three-part Green Lantern: Blackstars will see The Green Lantern creative team of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp continuing their association with Hal Jordan as the former Green Lantern signs up for duty as the newest member of what Morrison calls “a sinister cult of universal peace and harmony, involving surrender to the will of the insidious and/or possibly illuminated Controller Mu.”

Sharp will only be providing cover art for Blackstars; the interior artwork comes from Spanish artist Alejandro Germánico Benit, who works under the name Xermanico.

As to what has happened to Jordan’s old team, DC is pointing toward October’s 12th issue of The Green Lantern for answers while teasing that by the time Green Lantern: Blackstars launches, it won’t just be that the Green Lantern Corps no longer exist — the Corps will never have existed in history. In a statement regarding the series, Morrison offered another hint about what’s going on.

“Hal Jordan is the kind of man who will excel in any situation, so naturally he’s an elite Blackstar in this altered continuity,” he said in reference to the hero’s new life.

But what, exactly, could have caused history to be changed?

Green Lantern: Blackstars No. 1 will be released Nov. 6.