DC to Reveal Hidden History With 'Generation' Comics

Who was the first DC superhero? Who kept Bruce Wayne from going broke when he was too young to know any better? All will be revealed, apparently.
Francis Manapul/DC
Who was the first DC superhero? Who kept Bruce Wayne from going broke when he was too young to know any better? All will be revealed, apparently.

The journey to the future of DC’s comic book universe begins with the Free Comic Book Day release Generation Zero in early May, but now it’s been revealed that issue is just the first in a series of special issues unveiling the history of the universe.

Sensibly, Generation Zero — now subtitled Gods Among Us — will be followed by Generation One through Generation Five, a series of special issues seemingly restoring and emphasizing the idea that the DC superhero universe has lasted decades and multiple generations of characters, with point of view characters including Wonder Woman, Alfred Pennyworth and the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

DC promises that the five issues will answer such questions as “Which character truly ushers in the dawn of Super Heroes, inspiring all the rest?,” “What was the real reason behind the Justice Society of America’s retirement?” and, curiously, “What contentious alliance kept the Wayne family dynasty alive after Thomas and Martha’s deaths?”

Generation One: Age of Mysteries is the first of the five issues, with an overarching story written by Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti and Joshua Williamson. Artists Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janín, Ivan Reis and David Marquez are involved in the individual issues; Schmift and Mahnke are the individual creative team for Age of Mysteries.

Subsequent issues will be titled Generation Two: Age of the Metahuman, Generation Three: Age of Crisis, Generation Four: Age of Rebirth and Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow, according to the publisher.

In a statement about the series, DC publisher Dan DiDio said, “The Generation series of specials are built to bring the new DC timeline to life. With Generation One: Age of Mysteries and every subsequent volume, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the 80-plus-year publishing history of the DC universe while charting the course for the bright future of DC’s characters. All of our greatest stories and events will create the backdrop and context for the great new adventures we have planned. Everything counts, and we guarantee there’ll be surprises along the way!”

It should be noted that the Generation issues will be published at the same time as Dark Nights: Death Metal, the event storyline by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo which will, as Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter, connects the multiple threads of DC history to uncover the truth of its superhero universe. It’s very likely these two things are connected.

Generation One: Age of Mysteries is set to be released May 27.