DC Shows Dark Side of Superheroes in 'Forever Evil'

In September, the publisher celebrates two years since its "New 52" reboot by letting the bad guys take over the world for a change.
David Finch/DC Entertainment

It's just two years since DC Entertainment relaunched its superhero universe with the wildly successful "New 52" initiative. This September, the line will get another -- if significantly more subtle -- revamp as the bad guys take over the world in Forever Evil.

Describing the storyline -- which launches in its own seven-issue series but will affect all the series in the DC Universe before it's finished -- writer and DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns said that it's his "love letter to DC super villains. It's my chance to take all of the villains I've worked with and all the ones I've never worked with and put them into one gigantic, epic story that will bring together the bass of the DC Universe."

That story will put the villains against something even worse: the alternate-world version of the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate, who have decided to try and conquer their neighboring Earth. "We start literally in the first issue, when the whole world goes dark; communication and power are gone," Johns explained in an interview with IGN.com. "And as our Earth is plunged into darkness, the Crime Syndicate begins their plan for conquest."

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Where the heroes are during all this remains a secret. In the current Justice League storyline "Trinity War," something will happen to them that will make the world believe that they are dead, although Johns was quick to admit that clearly isn't the case: "What happened to them and where they are will be revealed," he said.

"There are some major events that happen to some of our heroes and villains, and those are all reflected in the monthly books at the end of [the series]," Johns promised about the impact of Forever Evil. It may not have the immediate "everything is starting over and all you need is right here" hook of a full-on reboot, but it's possible that this event is just what's needed for DC to regain market share dominance over long-time rivals Marvel -- although, as last month's sales demonstrate, they may be doing well on that front just on fan anticipation alone.

Forever Evil #1 will be released September 4.