DC Shutters Gerard Way's 'Young Animal' Imprint

The self-described "pop-up" line curated by Way will come to an end in August, although a return is already being teased.
Nick Derington/DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment’s first “pop-up imprint” is closing up shop, at least temporarily.

DC and Gerard Way on Thursday confirmed to The Beat that DC’s Young Animal, the imprint curated by Way, will come to an end this summer, with the sixth issue of each of its current four titles being the last.

The imprint was announced two years ago, with Way curating the characters and creative lineup of the boutique line, the majority of which revamped existing DC properties. (Mother Panic and Eternity Girl being the exceptions; both of those titles used elements of existing DC mythology but created new protagonists and storylines.) The imprint crossed over with the core DC Universe in a storyline earlier this year, ahead of a relaunch of three of the line’s titles and debut of the Eternity Girl miniseries.

DC’s Young Animal was the first imprint curated by one creator at the publisher; it has since been followed by Warren Ellis’ The Wild Storm and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Universe, which launches in August as the Young Animal titles are ending. Additionally, new DC signing Brian Michael Bendis has talked about plans for his own imprint at the company.

In a statement, Way said, “I want to give everyone an update on Young Animal. In August, Shade, Cave Carson and Mother Panic will end at issue 6 as we originally planned, alongside Eternity Girl. It’s been an incredible run for each of them and I’m so thankful to all the writers and artists who began this journey with me, and who created such incredible stories.”

The line may yet live on, however; Way told The Beat, “This is not the end of Young Animal. We’ll have more news to share when we come back with [Way’s own series with artist Nick Derington] Doom Patrol.”