DC Signs Frank Miller to 5-Project Deal

Carrie Kelly - Ben Caldwell DC Entertainment - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Ben Caldwell/DC Entertainment
First up is 'Superman: Year One' and a young readers graphic novel starring Carrie Kelley (aka Robin).

DC Entertainment is staying in the Frank Miller business. The company has signed a five-project deal with the Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One creator that will include the already-announced Superman: Year One series.

Alongside the Superman series, which will be illustrated by John Romita Jr. and released as part of the new DC Black Label imprint, Miller will also be writing a young readers graphic novel starring Carrie Kelley, the new Robin he introduced in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, to be illustrated by Ben Caldwell. (The first image from that project is above.)

In a statement, Miller said that he was “psyched” to continue his relationship with the company. “It’s thrilling to have Carrie Kelley take center stage for the first time, and the energy that Ben is bringing to her is new and different — it’s incredible to see," he said. "It’s also a lot of fun working alongside John on Superman: Year One, this project is a childhood dream come true for me.”

Release dates for the Carrie Kelley graphic novel and Superman: Year One have yet to be announced. The three remaining projects as part of this new deal remain under wraps although, in promoting the Dark Knight III: The Master Race series Miller co-wrote with Brian Azzarello, he teased that he would be interested in writing and drawing a fourth installment solo.