DC Teases 'Endless Winter' Storyline

The mystery comic book project will begin in December.
The mystery comic book project will begin in December.

Not all comic book announcements are being made during Comic-Con at Home panels this weekend. While the first DC at Home panel featured a number of creators talking about existing projects, it was in the pages of DC Connect, the company’s online catalog for future releases, that news broke of what appears to be DC’s next big comic book storyline.

A teaser image taking up an entire page of the latest issue of the catalog features the logo of the event, titled Endless Winter, alongside a launch date of December 2020. No other information is revealed, although the image is a detail of ice, tying in with the “winter” theme.

Quite what Endless Winter is going to be is, of course, purposefully unclear — that’s the point of a teaser image, after all. This kind of teaser is traditionally reserved for comic book events, but the timing of the December launch might not line up, if that were the case; that month, DC’s current event Dark Nights: Death Metal will only be releasing its sixth and penultimate issue. While it’s not impossible for a publisher to be running two “event” storylines simultaneously — Marvel will running both Empyre and X of Swords at the same time in September, as one ramps down and the other begins — it’s certainly rare enough to be unlikely.

More details about Endless Winter should be expected in the near future. A likely time to expect information is Aug. 22, when DC FanDome— DC’s online event, taking place across 24 hours — takes place, with the event expected to be home to a number of new project announcements.

  1. by Carolyn Giardina , Aaron Couch