DC Unveils 'Strange Adventures' Trailer

Strange Adventures - Publicity - H 2019
Mitch Gerads, Evan Shaner/DC
The 30-second spot highlights the themes behind the new series from the creators of the critically acclaimed 'Mister Miracle.'

Ahead of next month's debut of Strange Adventures, the new project from the creative team behind multiple award-winning Mister Miracle, DC has released a trailer to tease the latest incarnation of space hero Adam Strange and the troubled world he now finds himself in.

Written by Tom King (Batman, The Vision) and drawn by Mitch Gerads (The Punisher, The Sheriff of Babylon) and Evan "Doc" Shaner (Future Quest, The Terrifics), Strange Adventures places the atomic age hero in a new political context as a literal man of two worlds — except that, in addition to traveling between Earth and the alien planet Rann, he's also seen as both a hero for his actions by some and a war criminal by others.

The 12-issue project is a thematic follow-up to King and Gerads' Mister Miracle, which won multiple awards and was praised for its reimagining of Jack Kirby's 1970s character and treatment of mental health issues.

"Like Mister Miracle, Strange Adventures is hugely ambitious," King has said about the new project. "Unlike Mister Miracle, this isn't another tale of one man's angst or trauma or recovery. Strange Adventures is fundamentally about something larger, deeper and darker; it's trying to speak to the nature of truth and how our assumptions about that nature can tear us apart."

Strange Adventures, which will be released under DC's Black Label rating, for content aimed at readers 17 and older, will debut March 4. Watch the trailer for the new series below.