DC Unveils 'Truth & Justice' Comic Book Anthology

Truth and Justice Vixen
Chris Cross/DC
The series will debut digitally, with print collections to follow, and will launch with a story featuring 'Legends of Tomorrow' hero Vixen.

Doubling down on the values of its core superhero characters — as well as the familiar refrain of the Man of Steel — DC has announced Truth & Justice, a new comic book anthology series intended to showcase the catalog of characters in the DC library, and bring new creators into the fold.

Launching as a digital series in January, with a print release planned the following month, Truth & Justice will debut with a three-episode story spotlighting Vixen, the supermodel and activist turned superhero who has appeared in both Justice League of America and Suicide Squad, in addition to the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow television series. The Vixen serial will be written by Geoffrey Thorne (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), with art from Chris Cross and Jordi Tarragona.

According to DC, future installments of the series will feature characters from “across DC’s Multiverse,” including “heroes, villains, aliens [and] animals,” suggesting the entirety of the company’s 80-plus year portfolio will be available for use.

Truth & Justice will run weekly digitally from Jan. 8, 2021, with a print collection of the Vixen story available Feb. 16.