DC/Vertigo's New 'Wolf Moon' Reinvents Werewolf Mythology

New series from "The Sixth Gun" author aims to make werewolves more spooky, scary
Jae Lee/DC Entertainment

Although his critically acclaimed series The Sixth Gun may be winding to a close, writer Cullen Bunn isn't going to be abandoning the supernatural for the superheroic anytime soon. On Tuesday, DC Entertainment announced Wolf Moon, a new series by Bunn and artist Jeremy Haun, that intends to reinvent werewolf mythology.

"I love a good werewolf story, but I knew that if I was going to write one of my own, it needed to be a little different," Bunn told Bloody Disgusting about the new series, in which the werewolf infection shifts hosts with successive cycles of the moon. That change "opened the door to see how different people might be affected in different ways," the writer explained.

The main character of the series, Dillon Chase, "doesn't want to become a monster," Bunn said, although the "drastic steps" required to rid the world of the wolf infection may turn him into one nonetheless. "As he learns that he is not the only person hunting the wolf, he realized there is something more that he needs to be scared of," he teased.

The series will be published by DC's Vertigo imprint, accompanying the line's hit American Vampire series by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque and recent launch Bodies in returning the imprint to its horror roots after a shift towards a broader audience with recent projects including The Kitchen, The Names and The Royals.

Bunn sums up the hook of Wolf Moon by saying, "This isn't a matter of getting cursed by gypsies. This isn't a situation where you get bit and infected. One minute, you're going about your life; the next minute, you're slaughtering everyone around you." The new series launches digitally and in comic book stores in December.