DC's 'Batman: Eternal' Confirmed for Second Run

The weekly 'Batman' comic will continue past its initial year
Jason Fabok/DC Entertainment

Batman: Eternal may not last forever, but it'll definitely live on past its original end date.

The weekly series centering on the DC Entertainment hero and his supporting cast was confirmed to continue past its initially announced conclusion by writer Scott Snyder during a Reddit AMA session. “The [first] story ends in March and then we’ll do a year 2 after a break,” he wrote. “We have to get WAY ahead on a weekly series before it starts coming out.”

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Eternal was originally announced as a yearlong series celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary last year. Since launch, it has not only been a significant sales success for DC, but also the launchpad for both new series (Arkham Manor and the forthcoming Gotham by Midnight) and overhauls of existing titles (Catwoman).

Snyder’s confirmation means that Batman: Eternal will be the first weekly superhero title from either DC or Marvel to last beyond a year since Action Comics Weekly, which ran for 42 weeks in the late 1980s. (Action Comics Weekly was an anthology title, whereas Batman: Eternal features one story per issue, more closely resembling a weekly television serial format).

Batman: Eternal is one of three weekly titles currently published by DC Entertainment, alongside The New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End, both of which are expected to finish in March. Marvel Entertainment will launch Wolverines, a new weekly series, in January 2015.

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