DC's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Batman Arrives in Print This Week (Exclusive Preview)

Batman Arkham Origins - H 2014
<p>Batman Arkham Origins - H 2014</p>   |   Bryan Hitch/DC Entertainment
'Arkham Origins' graphic novel lets you control the Dark Knight

Just in time for the holidays, this Wednesday sees the release of Batman: Arkham Origins — A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel, a chance to guide the actions of DC's Dark Knight, choose-your-own-adventure-style. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the bonus material from the title.

The graphic novel originally appeared as an digital comic developed in conjunction with digital studio Madefire last year, allowing readers to guide Batman through his attempts to deal with Black Mask and the Penguin. In its print incarnation, the book — written by animation veteran Adam Beechen — retains its interactivity, thanks to a branching technique familiar to anyone who's read an R.A. Montgomery book.

As the title suggests, Batman: Arkham Origins is a spin-off of the Batman: Arkham videogame franchise, set early in the crime fighting career of Bruce Wayne's alter ego. As the official description of the project puts it, this Batman is "young, inexperienced [and] untested." Whether or not that means that the reader will manage to be on his level remains to be seen.

Batman: Arkham Origins — A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel will be released in comic stores Dec. 3. Below, a chance to preview production artwork for the book, comparing different outcomes to events.

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