DC's Comic Book Line Gets 'Infected' in November

Infected-Publicity-H 2019
David Marquez/DC
A new line of special issues will showcase heroes who have been transformed into evil versions of themselves, beginning with Shazam!

Corruption is spreading across DC’s comic book universe — and across DC’s publishing line, as well.

As part of the ongoing storyline that sees familiar faces fall prey to their worst impulses, DC has announced two new one-off releases focusing on the heroes who have become infected by the Batman Who Laughs. First up? The World’s Mightiest Mortal.

Launching in November, a series of special issues under the banner The Infected will showcase the six heroes across DC’s fictional universe who have been transformed into their own worst nightmares. The releases begin with The Infected: King Shazam! by Sina Grace and Joe Bennett on Nov. 6, followed by The Infected: Scarab by Dennis Hallum and Freddie E. Williams II on Nov. 20, focusing on Shazam! and Blue Beetle, respectively.

The week in between those two special issues, DC will release Hawkman No. 18 and Supergirl No. 36, focusing on two more of the infected heroes. According to DC, the final two of the infected heroes — whose identities remain a secret for now — will receive their own spotlight issues in December.

The infected storyline spins out of the upcoming Batman/Superman comic book series, in which the titular heroes become aware that the Batman Who Laughs — an alternate reality version of Bruce Wayne who has become infected with Joker toxin — has infected six heroes with the view to create as much chaos and discord throughout the superhero community as possible. That series launches Aug. 28.