DC's 'Earth 2: World's End' Announced for October Launch

The third weekly series launched this year by DC Entertainment will center around the heroes and villains of an alternate Earth.
Ben Oliver/DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment is tripling down on the weekly comic book format with the announcement of Earth 2: World’s End, a new series spinning out of the current Earth 2 series this fall.

Written by the team of Daniel H. Wilson, Tom Taylor, Paul Levitz, Marguerite Bennet and Mike Johnson, details about the new series remain under wraps, with the publisher teasing that the series features the heroes of a parallel world coming together “to wage a futile war for survival against a dark god of unimaginable and unmatched power.”

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The current monthly Earth 2 series, written by Taylor, launched in 2012 and told the story of an alternate world where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman had all sacrificed their lives to save humanity. Of course, things didn’t exactly go to plan, leading to an insane Superman declaring war on the planet, Bruce Wayne’s father revealed to be alive and assuming the role of Batman, and a new generation of super heroes appearing to continue the good fight.

Earth 2: World’s End — which will be illustrated by a revolving team of artists including Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqeira, and Tyler Kirkham — will join Batman Eternal, which launched last week, and The New 52: Futures End, which launches next month, as DC’s third weekly series when it launches in October.