DC's 'Fables' Comes to Life in 'Wolf Among Us' Game Trailer (Video)

The first trailer for "The Wolf Among Us," created by the game studio behind last year's "The Walking Dead" game, introduces the modern-day Big Bad Wolf.
DC Comics

More than 10 years since its comic book debut, we're still waiting for the TV show or movie based on Bill Willingham's wonderful Fables series -- although, to be fair, that is supposed to be underway right now. While we're waiting for the fruits of Willingham and his legion of artists' labors to appear in our local multiplex, here's the next best thing: the first trailer for The Wolf Among Us, the video game adaptation of the comic book.

The much-delayed game -- originally announced in February 2011 for an early 2012 release, it's now targeted for a fall 2013 ship date -- is being produced by Telltale Games, the company behind last year's critically acclaimed game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, and uses some of the same game mechanics that made that game so beloved by fans.

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Centering around Bigby Wolf, a noir update on the Big Bad Wolf who started the comic series as the sheriff of "Fablestown," a hidden area of New York City populated by former fairy tale characters, Wolf gives the player the responsibility of keeping the existence of Fablestown hidden from the rest of the world, despite their famous predilections for drawing attention -- and trouble -- to themselves.

Going by this trailer, the game will adopt a visual style informed by that of Mark Buckingham, the British artist who has drawn the majority of Fables to date, mixed with an animated look that brings to mind movies like A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life. The result is something faithful to the source material yet individual enough to feel like more than a slavish re-creation. Maybe this is what the eventual movie could look like…