DC's 'The Flash' to Celebrate 750-Issue Run Next Year

Flash 750 Cover - Publicity - H 2019
Howard Porter/DC
An anniversary issue will be released in February.

Following the upcoming January 2020 anniversary issue for Wonder Woman, DC has revealed that February will see the release of The Flash No. 750, an extra-length celebration of pop culture’s fastest man alive.

The 80-page issue will feature “The Flash Age,” a lead story written by Josh Williamson, who has been responsible for handling Barry Allen’s destiny since 2016, that launches a new story arc paying off long-running plot threads in the title. Other creators contributing to the issue include former DC chief creative officer — and one-time Flash writer — Geoff Johns, Crisis on Infinite Earths co-creator Marv Wolfman and artists Francis Manapul, Rafa Sandoval, David Marquez and Riley Rossmo, among others.

"The Flash is one of my favorite DC characters,” Williamson said Wednesdsy in a statement about the issue, “so it's an honor to work on The Flash No. 750 with so many returning Flash legends! It's a showcase of awesome talent, each telling a story that celebrates what we love about the Flash and the Flash family. And what a perfect place to kick off our next epic storyline ‘The Flash Age!’ 2020 is going to be a big year for The Flash. It all starts in this massive issue."

The Flash No. 750 marks the start of the 80th anniversary of the DC character, whose first appearance came in Flash Comics No. 1. The issue will be released with eight different variant covers, each marking a decade in the character’s career, by Nicola Scott (1940s), Gary Frank (1950s), Nick Derington (1960s), Jose Luis García-López (1970s), Gabriele Dell’Otto (1980s), Francesco Mattina (1990s), Jim Lee and Scott Williams (2000s) and Francis Manapul (2010s). The main cover for the issue comes from Howard Porter.

The Flash No. 750 is set to be released Feb. 26.