DC's 'Heroes in Crisis' Gets 2 Spinoff Comics

'Flash Forward' and 'Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy' will both launch in September.
Doc Shaner/DC; Elena Casagrande/DC
'Flash Forward' and 'Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy' will both launch in September.

[This story contains spoilers for DC's Heroes in Crisis.]

In the wake of the climax of its high-profile Heroes in Crisis miniseries, DC has announced two new spinoff projects spotlighting some of the characters most changed as a result of what happened at Sanctuary.

As its title suggests, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is a six-issue series focusing on the two characters as they come to terms with the events of Heroes in Crisis. That’s no small thing, considering those events included Ivy’s death and subsequent rebirth as a plant-based lifeform, as well as Harley being accused of mass murder and going on the run as a result. The series, by Jody Houser and Adriana Melo, launches Sept. 4.

Also a six-issue series is Flash Forward, by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, which follows Wally West — the hero responsible for the massacre at the Sanctuary trauma and recovery center — as he seeks redemption for his (in part, accidental) actions and continues to struggle with the fact that he exists in a world where history was rewritten to exclude his family. That series bows Sept. 18.

One leading castmember from Heroes in Crisis remains unaccounted for following these new announcements: Booster Gold, the other character who survived the Sanctuary killings. It’s already been revealed that the time-traveling hero will show up as part of the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium miniseries, but beyond that, future appearances are unknown.

The collected edition of Heroes in Crisis will be released Sept. 25.