DC's 'The Joker' Among New Villain-Centered Comics in the Works

DC Villain Relaunch
Guillem March/DC
The 'Crime Syndicate' miniseries will lead into the comic about the classic Batman villain.

Things are looking bad for DC’s superhero publishing line in 2021, with the company announcing a new monthly series starring the Joker, and a miniseries featuring an evil version of the Justice League of America, both launching in March.

March 2 will see the debut of Crime Syndicate, a six-issue miniseries from writer Andy Schmidt and artist Kieran McKeown, re-creating the version of the Justice League from an alternate reality where morality is reversed. (Originally debuting in 1964’s Justice League of America No. 29, the Crime Syndicate’s mirror universe predates Star Trek’s by three years.) The first issue also features an origin story for Ultraman, the evil Superman analog, drawn by Bryan Hitch.

A week later, The Joker launches, an open-ended series written by current Batman writer James Tynion IV with art by Guillem March, and spun out of events in the primary Batman series as the Joker goes on the run internationally, pursued by none other than former Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. The series will also feature a second strip each issue spotlighting Punchline, the Joker’s former apprentice, written by Tynion and Sam Johns, with art from Mirka Andolfo.

Both titles are part of the stealth relaunch for DC’s main superhero line following the two-month Future State event replacing the line starting in January.