DC's 'Justice League' Heads North, Abandons U.S. for Canada in 2014

DC Entertainment's flagship superteam is on the move next year, as the events of the comic publisher's "Forever Evil" storyline push the Justice League into Canada.
DC Comics

When the going gets tough, the tough get going -- all the way north, to Canada, it seems. DC Entertainment has revealed that flagship series Justice League of America will be changing both title and locale next year, as the series becomes Justice League Canada in the wake of its "Forever Evil" storyline.

Writer Jeff Lemire admits that "it sounds like a joke and something like this would never happen, but it is actually happening, and I couldn’t be happier," and calls the new series his "ultimate dream job." While keeping the details of what is behind the relocation a secret, he told the Toronto Star that "the current Justice League of America team goes through a dramatic change and some of the pieces that are left behind will evolve into this new Justice League Canada team," made up of familiar faces, revamped versions of more obscure characters and one brand-new Canadian character whom, Lemire said, "reflects a real part of [the Canadian] cultural identity."

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This isn't the first time there's been a Justice League outside the U.S. -- the JLA famously became the Justice League International in the late 1980s, with headquarters in Paris, Melbourne and other major cities around the world -- nor the first time superheroes have avoided a difficult situation by moving to Canada; Marvel's superheroes did something similar in the wake of 2006's Civil War series from the publisher.

Of course, there's also Alpha Flight, Marvel's premier Canadian superhero team -- but Lemire seems less than thrilled with the comparison. "It's not really like Alpha Flight, he told the Toronto Sun, "Those characters are all almost cliched Canadian archetypes. This is still very much set in the regular Justice League universe, and the team will still have some of the bigger named superheroes, but they will be located in Canada now." First person to a "Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way, Eh?" joke wins the prize of endless shame.