DC's 'Legion of Super-Heroes' Returning in 'Superman' This Month

Superman and the Legion - Ivan Reis - DC - Publicity- H 2019
Courtesy of Ivan Reis/DC
Brian Michael Bendis brings the heroes back ahead of September's 'Millennium.'

The future of the DC universe is starting earlier than expected.

The return of the company’s beloved Legion of Super-Heroes — a group of teenage heroes from the 31st century, inspired by the superheroes of today — was announced back in June as happening in the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium series, launching in September… but they’ll actually make their return in Superman No. 14, set for release this month.

As can be seen in the exclusive preview below, the Legion travel back in time 1,000 years to invite Superman’s son, Jon Kent, to join their ranks after he is responsible for the formation of the United Planets, the organization that — in the Legion’s era — is instrumental in their team coming together. The issue was written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

“This is a very big moment in the DC universe,” Bendis told Heat Vision about the scene below. “Not only is the the first time that anyone in the DCU meets this new Legion of Super-Heroes, readers also get their first look at this exciting new blend of races, species and cultures that make up this galaxy-spanning team of superheroes from the 31st Century.”

That the new incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes is debuting in Superman is fitting, given that the original version of the team first appeared in a Superboy story in 1958’s Adventure Comics No. 247 by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. The group continued as part of the Superman mythos until 1977, when they took over the former Superboy series entirely, pushing the Teen of Steel out of top billing.

The group headlined multiple comic book series for the next three-plus decades, with their 1980s peak of popularity including a number of spinoff titles, including Legionnaires 3, Cosmic Boy and The Wanderers. Since the conclusion of the most recent volume in 2013, the characters have appeared as guest-stars in the short-lived Justice League United series, but nowhere else — making their revival at the hands of Bendis all the more anticipated.

Following their debut in the Superman series, the new Legion will be found in the Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium mini before Bendis and artist Ryan Sook’s ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series begins in November. That new series will be the latest addition to a revitalized Superman family of comics, following Bendis taking control of the property last summer, and coming after this year's revival of the Lois Lane and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen titles.

For now, however, enjoy a glimpse into the future of the DC universe — and the upcoming first appearance of the heroes of tomorrow. Superman No. 14 will be available in comic book stores and digitally Aug. 28.