DC's New 'Beware the Batman' Titles Leak Early (Video)

The opening clips evoke 1960s spy movies in both music and visuals.
"Beware the Batman"

Just over a week ahead of the show's premiere, the opening titles for DC Entertainment's new Beware the Batman animated series have leaked online, giving fans the chance to see more of a new -- and now, apparently very red -- take on Gotham City and its most famous inhabitant.

Putting aside the genuinely odd theme music -- it starts somewhat grungy, takes a turn toward the surprisingly jaunty jangle and then ends up with a Shirley Bassey-esque "Beware the Bat!" -- these are some interesting titles; it obviously follows in the tradition of DCE's last CGI-animated series, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, but there's something more stylized about what's on show here.

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It's not just the limited color palette, as striking as it may be. (Although, shouldn't the predominant color be blue, instead of red? Since when did anyone think "red" in connection with Batman?). There's a touch of retro simplicity to the character design in each of the brief glimpses we get for Batman, Alfred and Katana here that echo the Bruce Timm character designs from the much-loved 1990s Batman: The Animated Series, and the heavy use of chiaroscuro lighting differs from the more basic set-up of Green Lantern.

It's definitely good-looking stuff and arguably more exciting than the official sizzle reel released by Warner Bros. last month, which suffered from some of the same "Oh, look, everything looks distractingly plastic" problem as Green Lantern.

Beware The Batman debuts as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation programming block on July 13.