DC's 'Sandman' Revival Hit By More Delays

DC Comic The Sandman Art with Neil Gaiman Inset - P 2013
<p>DC Comic The Sandman Art with Neil Gaiman Inset - P 2013</p>   |   DC Entertainment; Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
The third issue of "Sandman: Overture" will be released in July instead of the rescheduled April date, according to writer Neil Gaiman.

When DC Entertainment announced Sandman: Overture, it was a bi-monthly series that would launch in October -- and then the second issue slipped from a planned December release to an appearance this week. According to writer Neil Gaiman, fans should get used to the longer wait between issues.

"July will be issue 3," Gaiman told CNN in an interview promoting the second issue of the series, adding "and then probably some more months; then issue 4, issue 5 and issue 6." DC Entertainment's official release date for the third issue of the series remains April 30.

STORY: DC Delays Second Issue of ‘Sandman’

Whenever it appears, the third issue of the series will be "the nearest Sandman has ever come to a spaghetti Western," Gaiman explained, calling the issue "not like anything I've ever done in any other way."

Gaiman said that he hopes to return to Sandman beyond this series. "The characters are still in my head; they're still there," he said. "I really hope there's more Sandman in there. It would be sad if there wasn't."