DC's 'Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid' Gets Book Trailer (Exclusive)

Meet Russell Weinwright, the newest swamp thing.

Something strange has appeared down in the Louisiana swamplands — and as the trailer for DC’s The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid  makes clear, that something strange has a name: Russell Weinwright. Yes, really.

The title, announced by The Hollywood Reporter in March, sees best-selling kids author Kirk Scroggs turn his attention to DC’s Swamp Thing, reimagining the concept as a middle school outsider who’s part human, part…well, swamp monster.

“My main objective, outside of wanting to write a comic book, was making kids laugh, have fun, maybe be a little scared,” Scroggs told THR at the time. “I think it’s hidden in the story that the kid is feeling comfortable in his own skin, which is important, too. I want them to come away from it dreaming of being a superhero themselves.”

For those thinking that Russell’s name seems just a little familiar — that’s intentional: The last name is a portmanteau of the two creators of DC’s original Swamp Thing: Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, who created the creature in 1971’s House of Secrets No. 92.

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid will be released Oct. 1.