'Deadeye' Graphic Novel Gives Westerns a Sci-Fi Twist (Exclusive Video)

The Western genre gets a sci-fi twist with Deadeye, a new graphic novel from upstart publisher CME.

The book, the first chapter in a series, reunites writer Adrian F. Wassell and illustrator Nathan C. Gooden, the creators of The Gifted, a 2014 Indie Fab Award gold-medal winner for best graphic novel.

In Deadeye, bounty hunter by the name of Deadeye tracks the gang responsible for his nightmarish past but discovers a far worse set of villains lurking in the uncharted territory: criminals from a distant planet, imprisoned on Earth.

The plan calls for the graphic novel to introduce readers into the world and going forward the story will be told in three-issue arcs.

“We wanted to give readers a big introduction but then we wanted to stay true to the slow burn pace of classic Westerns,” said Wassell, who was raised in Virginia but now lives in Montana.  

The writer says Stephen King was one of the influences of the book. “His Dark Tower was an influence, but we wanted to keep it more grounded in the western, and the landscape, and explore the idea of what could be out there.”

And as far as the aliens go? “We’re trying to be more subtle in exploring the humans’ encounter. We’re going more Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The aliens’ influence is more undisclosed. "We want to be less in your face and quieter, more in keeping with Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone.”

The graphic novel is due to hit stores on Wednesday, June 30.