'Deadpool 2' Thanks Fans with 'Golden Girls'-Inspired Video

Deadpool 2 has already made $158 million at the domestic box office and $364 million worldwide, as the R-rated sequel opened at No. 1 last weekend to the tune of $125.5 million. In honor of the film’s warm reception from fans, studio 20th Century Fox released a video featuring clips from the movie accompanied by The Golden Girls theme song.

The clip opens with Deadpool riding a motorcycle. Credits begin to play over scenes from the movie, which lists the characters and their superhero alter-egos.The clip closes as Deadpool takes a bow and is then accompanied by Cable, Domino and Dopinder as they walk down a street.

One character that did not make it into the promo is Weasel, Deadpool’s best friend and a bar owner played by T.J. Miller. The actor was accused of sexual misconduct in December. He remains in the film, though he didn’t make it into the video thanking fans for being a friend.

The clip comes after Golden Girls stars Betty White and Bea Arthur were connected to the first Deadpool film.