'Deadpool' Holiday Blu-ray Edition Hits Stores

The package features multiple commentary tracks with Ryan Reynolds, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, director Tim Miller and 'Deadpool' co-creator and artist Rob Liefeld, according to 20th Century Fox.

The "Merc with a Mouth" is back just in time for the holidays, and we all know he goes all in for holidays. 

20th Century Fox on Monday announced that Deadpool's Holiday Blu-ray package is now available in stores.

The Blu-ray includes numerous features, such as deleted/extended scenes with optional audio commentary by director Tim Miller, a gag reel, "From Comics to Screen...to Screen" and a gallery of concept art and costumes.

The package also will feature multiple commentary tracks with Ryan Reynolds, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Miller and Deadpool co-creator and artist Rob Liefeld, according to the studio.

It all makes sense. Deadpool was a massive hit, which gave fans of the outrageous, raunchy anti-hero what they wanted after a huge misfire... Thanks, Hugh. I kid! And fans need something to hold them at bay until the sequel is released, fingers crossed, next year. 

And because it's so good, here's the full product description (written by Deadpool for this and the original home entertainment release):

Hold onto your chimichangas, folks. From the studio that brought you all 3 Taken films comes DEADPOOL, the block-busting, fourth-wall-breaking masterpiece about Marvel Comics’ sexiest anti-hero: me! Go deep inside (I love that) my origin story...typical stuff...rogue experiment, accelerated healing powers, horrible disfigurement, red spandex, imminent revenge. Directed by overpaid tool Tim Miller, and starring God’s perfect idiot Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, T. J. Miller and Gina Carano, DEADPOOL is a giddy slice of awesomeness packed with more twists than my enemies’ intestines and more action than prom night. Amazeballs!"