'Deadpool' and 'Logan' Finally Face Off (But Not Onscreen)

Fox's two big comic book movies crossover in a five-issue Marvel comic series this fall.

It's the crossover of two of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies of recent years — taking place on the printed page. This fall, Deadpool takes on the aged Logan, and it's going to get messy.

The meeting of the hyper-violent antiheroes will take place in the five-issue Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan, written by Declan Shalvey, with art by Nailbiter's Mike Henderson, with both heroes competing to find a newly identified powerful mutant first — no matter what.

"We get to see both characters be the best at what they do, while also getting to see them be the classic odd couple," Shalvey said in a statement from the publisher. "Both characters naturally bump heads against each other, which is a lot of fun to write."

Henderson added that the series "is a not-so-buddy-buddy buddy comedy with all the bickering, explosions and stabbing you'd expect from a comic starring Deadpool and Logan as they both race to do their version of the right thing by a young mutant," comparing the end result to "this flaming runaway train of an action script that feels like … a Jason Statham movie."

The series launches in October, one of two new miniseries from the publisher that month centering on multimedia properties; also debuting is Garth Ennis and Goran Parlor's Punisher prequel, Punisher: The Platoon, set during the Vietnam war.