First-Look: Deadpool Sheriff Is Lego's Comic-Con Minifigure Exclusive

Lego_Deadpool_Split - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of LEGO
The Merc with a Mouth gets a law-and-order twist.

Deadpool is making an appearance at this month's San Diego Comic-Con...in Lego form.

As part of its toy exclusives, Lego is offering up a Sheriff Deadpool minifigure that will only be available at San Diego Comic-Con.

The figure joins an already hot lineup from Lego that includes an 197-piece Aquaman set inspired by the 1960s cartoon (Aquaman is getting a big push this Comic-Con due to his movie coming out in December) as well as a Millennium Falcon cockpit set from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

As opposed to those sets which will be for sale, however, the Deadpool Sheriff minifig is a giveaway.

Lego, while a family-friendly company, already has significant fortune with the R-rated Marvel hero and last year produced the Deadpool-themed Deadpool Duck as one of its highly sought after convention items. The character is one of Marvel's most recognized and Ryan Reynolds' sequel, Deadpool 2, has grossed more than $721 million worldwide since its release in May.

The convention exclusive toy market at Comic-Con has grown to an incredible extent that in recent years toy makers moved to an on-site lottery ticket system in order to curtail traffic-jamming lines. But the demand has only grown, and this year, Lego, as well as some other companies, have moved to a preshow Internet lottery system.

Lego aficionado attendees who are badge holders can submit for exclusives on the Comic-Con website until July 12. A random drawing July 13 will select those who win the giveaway or win a chance to buy the limited-edition sets, so keep an eye on your email.