Deadpool and Spider-Man Agree On a Good Brazilian Waxing

Deadpool and Spider-Man have a pretty great bromance in the comics, and Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland are making sure there is a good bond between the two in real life.

The two actors had a pretty funny Twitter back and forth over the weekend, beginning with Holland saying he was considering a buzz cut for the next Spider-Man film and wanted some reaction.

Reynolds just had to jump in because come on, that is exactly what Deadpool would do.

"I'm going with the full Brazilian wax. Not gonna let fear run my life," Reynolds tweeted at Holland.

On Sunday, the Spider-Man actor let Reynolds know it had been taken care of already.

"I had that done yesterday. So smooth..." said Holland.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due out July 7, and Deadpool 2 is scheduled for a June 2018 release.

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