'Deadpool 2' Trailer Has One Clear Winner

The jokes about DC are nice, but Peter is the breakout nobody saw coming.

Don't call it a come back, because Deadpool never truly left fans' hearts after hitting theaters in 2016. And now with the coming of the final Deadpool 2 trailer, it's time to take a deep dive into all the feelings Ryan Reynolds and Co. have inspired.

The team at Heat Vision has formed its on X-Force to dissect the best jokes (thank you DC and Thanos) and coolest new character (hello, Peter).

Ryan Parker: I like how a lot of the action mirrored that of the earlier teaser when Deadpool was playing with dolls because the CG was not completed at the time. Nice payoff. I also love the call back to Wade slicing through bullets just like he did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And that shot of Rob Delaney flying through the air at the end had me rolling. That might be my new favorite character. 

Aaron Couch: I just now re-watched the clips of Reynolds from X-Men: Origins, and you see the seeds of what would come. He had to write his own dialogue due to the writer's strike (which explains why his dialogue is about the only well-written thing in the film). Unlike the first Deadpool, Reynolds getting a writer's credit on this one — and you can already see his fingerprints all over the trailers we've seen. Also, I was curious if T.J. Miller would be featured in the trailer, given his recent arrest, and they didn't shy away from featuring his character Weasel.

Graeme McMillan: I actually discovered the trailer was out this morning because my social media feed was overwhelmingly upset that Miller hadn't been replaced by Christopher Plummer, which really is a joke that I could see the Deadpool filmmakers going for. So... good job, internet, I guess...?

Lexy Perez While there were a lot of great moments, the poking fun at DC was hands-down the best part of this trailer, mainly because it is the the perfect, subtle dig that the Fox's Marvel movie could make. I also am not sure if I'm the only one who could probably see the irony that forming the "super duper group" could very much resemble Suicide Squad? But then again, maybe I'm just trying always finding myself comparing Marvel and DC in general. 

Couch: I want there to be something about the Fox-Disney merger slipped into the movie — Ryan Reynolds has already showed he can have fun trolling his future bosses. And I'm still holding out hope for a Hugh Jackman appearance as himself (we know someone shot secret cameo recently).I pitched the Jackman idea to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, so will undeservedly take the credit if it happens. That's right, Internet.

Patrick Shanley: Kudos, Aaron, you deserve a writer's credit along with Reynolds. Frankly, this is my favorite trailer so far. First, come on, it's got LL Cool J. Second, I genuinely hope Peter is a big part of this film as just his little vignette at the end of this trailer showed potential for another Dopinder-level breakout from an unlikely minor character. 

Perez: Peter is already becoming the potential breakout star that we all didn't know we needed. 

McMillan: I can't help myself wanting Peter to be some kind of set-up for a joke that isn't just him dying really quickly (or turning out to be hyper-competent and saving the day when least expected). Can he be Sauron? I'd really like to see Marvel's version of Sauron in a Deadpool movie. He turns into a dinosaur when he sucks energy from mutants! That's exactly the kind of character who deserves to show up in Deadpool. Is it too late to just work him in somehow?

Parker: The action looked amazing, but I loved all the little zingers, the poking fun at DC and at Josh Brolin for double-dipping in the Marvel universe. The One Eyed Willy joke was fantastic, too. Going to be some great Goonies bits in this, you can just tell.

Shanley: The action here certainly seems punched up from the last film, and I'm glad we finally got to see a bit of Terry Crews and Zazie Beetz in action as Bedlam and Domino, respectively. I also love that Cable offers a more cynical foil to Deadpool's zany antics, as Ed Skrein's Ajax did in the original, which provided the trailer with its best zinger, in my opinion, when Wade pokes fun at the DCEU. 

McMillan: Even as the sole person who liked Justice League, I loved that joke a lot. Cable really does feel like he's stepped out of a different movie altogether, which makes the idea of a (non-comedic) Cable spin-off movie feel all the more possible and reasonable. Could Deadpool end up jumpstarting the X-Men franchise in a whole new direction after all...?

Couch: Disney's Bob Iger has said he could see Deadpool staying R-rated at the studio, and with Deadpool's fourth-wall breaking, it's really the only property that seems like a natural fit to make the move to the House of Mouse. Deadpool doesn't need to show up in the MCU, but he easily could make movies adjacent to it, just like he does now in movies opposite the X-Men franchise. As much as we might like Michael Fassbender's Magneto, it doesn't seem likely that version of the character will be popping up in Wakanda or Avengers tower anytime soon. But Deadpool 3 could easily move studios.