Two New 'Deadpool' Trailers Arrive on Christmas Day (Video)

"I'm after someone on my naughty list," says Ryan Reynolds in the teasers.

20th Century Fox and Marvel have released two new trailers for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool on Christmas Day — one naughty, and one nice.

After dropping hints about a new look at the upcoming R-rated X-Men spinoff during a spirited "12 Days of Deadpool" countdown (including a Christmas Eve teaser shared by Hugh Jackman and an annotated page of the screenplay), fans finally got the gift they were hoping for from their favorite foul-mouthed, witty superhero.

"Whatever they did to me made my body indestructible …" explains Reynolds as the spandex-clad and sarcastic assassin, who goes on to finish that sentence very differently in each trailer. The red band spot, which is filled with expletives and more violence, dubs itself as "Even more NSFW" than the first.

Directed by Tim Miller and starring T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin and Brianna Hildebrand, Deadpool hits theaters on Feb 12, 2016.

Watch the action-packed spot, followed by the uncensored version, below.