'Death Note': A Closer Look at the First Trailer

This is a journal you don't want your name written in.

Netflix's Death Note has unveiled its first trailer of the adaptation of the popular Manga centering on a young man who obtains a supernatural notebook. The Death Note leads to the death of those whose names are written in it.

The film is from director Adam Wingard, and stars Nat Wolff as Light, the student who finds the note, and Keith Stanfield as L, a brilliant detective tasked with tracking him down.

A few nods to the fans:

The Shinigami

There's just a flash early in the trailer in which you can see the Shinigami, the spirit of death and custodian of the Death Note who follows its owner around. Willem Dafoe plays the supernatural character, and also makes a brief appearance at the end. 

There's a new setting, but the rules are the same.

The adaptation has traded Japan for Seattle. 

Justice of Kira

Kira, the alter-ego Light uses to attempt to reshape the world in his image, is alive and well. 

Death Note premieres on Netflix Aug. 25.