'Death of Superman Lives' Trailer: Nicolas Cage is Man of Steel (Video)

The Kickstarter-funded project looks at the failed project that would have teamed the actor with Tim Burton to tell the story of the last son of Krypton.
A test shot of Nicolas Cage as Superman

A look at one of the biggest superhero movies that never happened is getting new life.

The Kickstarter-funded documentary Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?
looks at the proposed 1998 Superman film that would have been directed by Tim Burton and starred Nicolas Cage as the iconic hero. The script for Superman Lives, written by Kevin Smith, featured Braniac, Doomsday and Lex Luthor as villains.

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Concept art and test photos of a long-haired Cage wearing an odd Superman suit have been circulating online for some time, but the documentary promises to speak with the people who would have made the film, had the plug not been pulled ahead of shooting.

The doc from director Jon Schnepp ended its Kickstarter fundraising period in March after raising more than $115,000. The film is eyeing a release next summer.

Watch the trailer below, as well as Schnepp's original Kickstarter pitch.