'Death of Wolverine' Writer Signs Exclusive Contract with Marvel

Death of Wolverine Variant Cover - P 2014
<p>Death of Wolverine Variant Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Skottie Young/Marvel Entertainment
Prolific writer's new deal means he'll leave DC's 'Swamp Thing,' 'Red Lanterns'

Charles Soule has been a familiar name for comic book readers over the last couple of years, with the part-time writer (he famously maintains his day job as an attorney) at one point being responsible for no less than seven ongoing series for three different companies simultaneously. That is no longer going to be the case, however, with the news that Soule has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Entertainment.

Originally reported by USA Today, the new deal coincides with Soule's most high-profile project yet, Marvel's The Death of Wolverine, which launches Sept. 3 in comic stores and digitally (Skottie Young's variant cover for the first issue, left). Marvel confirmed the new contract with The Hollywood Reporter and said that more information will be released Wednesday.

In addition to creating the main Death of Wolverine series with Steve McNiven, which runs weekly through Sept., Soule is also overseeing the already-announced follow-up projects, The Logan Legacy and The Weapon X Program.

The exclusive deal will see Soule continue to write the ongoing Inhuman series for Marvel. While it's not yet known who will replace the writer on his DC titles Red Lanterns and Swamp Thing, DC announced last month that Peter Tomasi would take over writing Soule's third DC title, Superman/Wonder Woman with its thirteenth issue. The status of his creator-owned series Letter 44 at Oni Press — currently in development as a TV series — is unclear, but likely to be unaffected by the new deal (creator-owned projects for other publishers have traditionally been exempted from Marvel's exclusive contracts).