Decoding DC Entertainment's 'DC You' Comic Book Relaunch

Superman Wonder Woman - H 2015
<p>Superman Wonder Woman - H 2015</p>   |   Paulo Siqueira/DC Entertainment
What's on offer as the publisher tries to diversify its superhero line in June.

June 3 sees the official launch of DC Entertainment's DC You, a promotion that encompasses a relaunch of the company's entire superhero comic book line, from longstanding icons like Superman and Batman through all-new titles like Section Eight and Cyborg.

With the company promising "a story for every kind of DC Comics fan" and promoting a "diverse range of styles and genres," the promotion is intended to bring new readers to the line — but with such diversity on offer, how are you to know what book might be right for you?

There are 21 new series launching in June (with more planned for July and future months), in addition to relaunches or status quo shifts for the 25 series continuing from earlier runs. Some of those shifts are minor — for the Justice League series, it's merely the start of a new storyline, for example, while The Flash brings in a villain in the shape of a new, TV-ready Reverse Flash — while others are more dramatic. Batman places Commissioner Gordon in a mechanized armor to replace Bruce Wayne, while Superman loses his powers and finds his secret identity exposed to the world thanks to Lois Lane's reporting in titles including Superman and Action Comics.

Other well-known heroes enjoying a new beginning are Green Lantern — now posing as a renegade on the run from authorities following the disappearance of his fellow Green Lantern Corps members, which is explained in the new Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army series — and Aquaman, who's also on the run, this time from his fellow Atlanteans. For those looking for old-school superhero drama, you could do worse than checking out these series.

If comedy is more what you're looking for, there's a variety of titles available. Harley Quinn, Batmite, Bizarro and Section 8 all offer laughs of different flavors; Harley and Bizarro are more Looney Toons than Section 8's darker, more bawdy comedy, while Batmite is strangely meta. More serious matters are on offer in The Omega Men, a political thriller about a terrorist organization set in space; Midnighter, about a mercenary who can predict his opponents' moves before they make them; and Prez, a dystopian satire set in a future America where the president is a teenage girl elected via Twitter.

Elsewhere, the critically acclaimed Batgirl gets a spinoff book in Black Canary, which repositions the former superhero as the lead singer in a rock band, while Constantine: The Hellblazer reboots the magician character with a modern edge. (Doctor Fate, meanwhile, has a similarly supernatural lead character, but one who more closely fits the Spider-Man archetype of hapless teen with a secret, just like the protagonist of Superman spinoff Doomed).

One of the more ambitious series to emerge in the new launches is Earth 2: Society — which takes as its theme the literal rebuilding of a world after an apocalyptic event — written by novelist Daniel Wilson; expect science fiction and societal theory amongst the superheroics. More traditional, but certainly no less anticipated by comic fans, is the new Justice League of America — a separate book from Justice League — that is written and drawn by Bryan Hitch, the comic book artist who decided back in 2002 that Nick Fury should look like Samuel L. Jackson and, in doing so, accidentally started the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first wave of DC You releases reach comic book stores and digital outlets this Wednesday. More information on the promotion can be found here. (Previews of the new series can also be found here.)