'Demon' Comic Reaches an Apocalyptic Conclusion (Exclusive Preview)

Demon Vol 4 Cover - Publicity - P 2017
Jason Shiga/First Second
The award-winning comic book series about a man who can't die will finish with this week's fourth volume.

Even the story about an unkillable demon has to come to an end, and this week, Jason Shiga's Demon concludes after four critically acclaimed volumes.

The final book in First Second Books' high-concept series about Jimmy Yee — a man who cannot be killed, because his spirit immediately possesses whoever is close by after his current host body is dead — will hit bookstores Tuesday, bringing cartoonist Shiga's award-winning story to a close. Originally serialized online, the first collected print edition won an Eisner Award at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

One of the things that has kept the series fresh throughout its run is Shiga's willingness to shift the status quo as the story evolves, which so far has included the introduction of Jimmy's daughter — who is also a demon herself — as well as pushing the whole series a century ahead in time, because what's 100 years to someone who can't die?

By the opening of the fourth volume, Jimmy has discovered that Agent Hunter, the government agent he believed to be long-dead, is actually a demon himself, and still hunting for Jimmy. The stage is set for a showdown, so it's no surprise that Jimmy and his daughter Sweetpea have to make a plan, as can be seen in the preview below. (And for those wondering what they've missed, there's also the one-page "Story So Far," which hints at just how intense and enjoyably ridiculous the series can get.)