Dentist Puts Himself in 'Star Wars' for Wonderfully Cheesy Ad

Dr. Abernathy from Arkansas completes the Death Star trench run just like Luke Skywalker.

How's this for making a root canal seem more fun?

An Arkansas dentist named Dr. Abernathy used some special editing to put himself in the Death Star trench run from 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope. And, like Luke Skywalker, he didn't need his instruments to get the job done.

That's because Abernathy was using some new laser treatment called PIPS to complete his task. 

"You may all have the Force. But I have PIPS," he said during the classic awards ceremony after his victory.

Jimmy Kimmel highlighted the ad on his ABC program Wednesday, noting the footage was unauthorized and saying with a laugh, "I think there's a very good chance this dental office will soon be hearing from a lawyer's office."

A big difference between Abernathy and Luke? The Hawaiian shirt.