'Destiny, NY' Brings Publisher Black Mask Back to Monthly Comics

Destiny NY Announcement
Courtesy of Terry Moore/Black Mask Studios
The new series, launching in March 2021, features a Terry Moore cover on its first issue.

After spending 2020 focusing on collected editions, indie publisher Black Mask Studios is returning to the single issue format in 2021 with its first-ever open-ended monthly title, Destiny, NY, and The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive reveal of the cover to the first issue.

Destiny, NY comes from the creative team of Pat Shand (Snap Flash Hustle) and Manuel Preitano (The Oracle Code), and tells the story of Logan — a twenty something who’s struggling with the fact that her life might have peaked a decade earlier when, as a 12-year-old, she faced down a magical threat and saved the world. When she falls for the estranged daughter of a magical crime family, it looks like it might be a new beginning for her — if their relationship doesn’t tear apart her life first.

The cover for the first issue comes from Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising creator Terry Moore, a fact that series writer and co-creator Shand is particularly excited about.

“Terry Moore is a living legend,” Shand told THR. “As an indie creator, I look up to him as someone who has made a legendary career off of building character and writing stories that matter deeply to him and his readership. Strangers in Paradise is not only perhaps the greatest indie comics achievement of all time in that it’s an epic saga based in character, but it’s also a personal inspiration. To have Terry Moore draw our cover for Destiny, NY is an honor and makes me aspire to continue working on character and craft above all else.”

Destiny, NY — the series is named for the boarding school the title character attended as a child — launches digitally and in comic book stores March 2021; Moore’s full cover for the issue can be seen below.