‘Detention:’ Joseph Kahn’s ‘Time Traveling Horror Comedy’ Scheduled for Release (Video)

The "Torque" director's festival favorite, starring Josh Hutcherson, starts a limited theatrical run through AMC starting April 13.

Samuel Goldwyn Films is releasing Joseph Kahn’s sophomore directorial effort Detention in theaters on April 13. MTV Movies Blog reported Tuesday that the film will open exclusively in ten AMC Theaters before moving on to other cities across the country.

Speaking to THR about the announcement, Kahn said he’s looking forward to having audiences experience the film in the wake of its successful run at festivals over the last two years. "I always wanted to make a time traveling horror comedy about bears, serial killers, the 90's, and ufo's,” Kahn said. “Let's be honest, this genre is underrepresented in Hollywood.”

“I can't wait for everyone to get in a theater on April 13 and have a blast. Oh, yeah. Kung fu."