DICE Reveal Depth of Research For 'Star Wars: Battlefront' (Video)

Behind-the-scenes trailer for the new EA game shows developers DICE research the original props and locations from George Lucas' space opera series.

What goes into the creation of a video game like the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront? The new trailer for the forthcoming release gives a glimpse into some of the research carried out to develop the game, and it’s more in-depth than you might expect.

Released as part of the E3 2014 expo taking place in Los Angeles on Monday, the two-minute video shows Swedish game developers DICE Studios hard at work sourcing the original models and locations from the original movie trilogy to prepare for the new game, while creative director Niklas Fegraeus explains the respect the team have for the property, calling the chance to develop the game “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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“Visiting the Lucas archives to capture the actual models and props used in the movies was an incredibly emotional experience,” Fegraeus says in the video. “There’s so much love and detail in these pieces that we want to get into the game.”

The trailer offers brief glimpses of what’s called “early in-engine footage,” including scenes on Endor and Hoth from Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back, respectively, as teases for what’s to come in the game that Fegraeus promises “will bring [the Star Wars] legacy to life like never before.” The game is scheduled to launch in Spring 2015.

Watch the trailer below.