Did Zack Snyder Really Call Into A Radio Station to Defend Aquaman?

Aquaman Illustration - H 2013
<p>Aquaman Illustration - H 2013</p>   |   Jim Lee/DC Entertainment
Caller into local Detroit station claimed to be the "Batman v Superman" director when explaining that the underseas hero "has the potential to be bad-ass."

Zack Snyder has had enough about you guys making fun of Aquaman. Well... maybe.

The director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—or, at least, someone claiming to be him—called in to local Detroit radio station 97.1 The Ticket after Bill McAllister and fellow hosts made fun of DC’s king of the seas, wanting to set the record straight about the appeal of Arthur Curry.

“I don’t want to give anything away about the movie or anything like that, but you know, Aquaman has some cool abilities,” he explained. “People are like, ‘does he talk to animals?’ because that seems to be what he does, or fish or whatever, but the cool thing is, his trident, that can actually cut the flesh of Superman if—you know, they came in contact, that’s in the canon.”

“He’s super-strong, because of course he can exist in these super-depths so that, when he comes up here he’s crazy strong,” he continued. “Not to say he’s in my movie or anything like that, but—he has the potential to be bad-ass, that’s all I’m saying.”

When asked to confirm that he was indeed Zack Snyder, the caller said “Yeah, it is, it’s me, it’s Zack. I called the radio and was like, it’s Zack, I’m going to set, and the guy—I don’t know who it was—said, okay, and I thought, they’re never gonna put me through.” Warner Bros. has not responded to requests for confirmation, but if it isn't Snyder, it's certainly an impressive soundalike.

Aquaman is rumored to make an appearance in the 2016 follow-up to Man of Steel, with Jason Momoa linked to the role. The concept of the character needing to be defended from a bad rap is hardly new; when DC Entertainment relaunched its Aquaman series in 2011, then-writer (and current DC CCO) Geoff Johns made a point of rebutting criticisms of the hero both in the comic itself and online.

(Of course, true fans know that he’s actually the most outrageous hero around.)