'Die Hard 5' to Be Directed by John Moore

Bruce Willis will return to reprise his role in the decades long 20th Century Fox franchise.
Getty Images

After a long search, 20th Century Fox has settled on studio mainstay John Moore to direct Die Hard 5, the latest in the decades long Bruce Willis action franchise.

Moore is now in negotiations to helm the movie, which will see Willis return to star as John McClaine.

The move is not a surprise as Moore's name kept surfacing even as the studio looked at names such as Fast Five helmet Justin Lin, Nicolas Refn of Drive and Attack the Block's Joe Cornish. The derby was set in motion when Noam Murro, who was slated to direct, left to take on Warner Bros.'s 300 sequel 300: Battle of Artemisia.

The new Die Hard movie has a script by Skip Woods and is said to feature McClaine's son, with some saying Fox may be setting up a passing of the baton.

All of Moore's features - which begin with 2001's Behind Enemy Lines starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, include Flight of the Phoenix and a remake of The Omen, and end with Max Payne - have been for Fox.


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