Sci-Fi Comic 'r(ender);' Unveils First Pages (Exclusive)

Render Comic - Lenka Simeckova - Oni Press -Publicity - H 2019
Lenka Simeckova/Oni Press
The series centers on a photographer who captures the final images from the eyes of the deceased.

Oni Press’ upcoming science-fiction series r(ender); reveals a future where the dead get to tell their own stories. This is all thanks to a photographer who is able to capture and reproduce the final images from the eyes of the deceased — a talent that more than just the police turn out to be interested in. Heat Vision has a first-look below.

Created by Leah Williams and Lenka Simeckova, the project was originally announced last year as a Lion Forge Comics title. Since then, Lion Forge and Oni Press announced a merger that will see a realignment of both publishers’ material, with all projects owed by creators — such as r(ender); — being published under the Oni Press banner. r(ender); is the first title to be impacted by the merger of the companies.

(The Lion Forge banner will be reserved for material owned and controlled by Polarity, the parent company of the combined Lion Forge/Oni publishing company.)

At the time of its announcement, writer Leah Williams told Heat Vision, “I joke about r(ender); being ‘X-Files, but lesbians and magic’ or ‘seapunk tech noir,’ but really it’s a cyberpunk neo-noir story that takes place on the fraying edge between magic and technology,” adding that the series is “the one story I’ve been desperately hungry to tell ever since I was a teenager.”

The series is set to launch in comic book stores and digitally Oct. 2. An exclusive five-page preview from the first issue is below.