The 'Frozen' Story Continues in Comic Book Preview

FROZEN 1-Kawaii Creative Studios - Publicity-P 2018
Courtesy of Kawaii Creative Studio/Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics is publishing new stories featuring Elsa and Anna as part of its new Disney Comics line.

Before next year’s release of Frozen 2, fans of the Disney animated movie will have a chance to continue the adventures of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff with a new comic book series from Dark Horse Comics. Heat Vision has an exclusive preview from the first issue.

Disney Frozen: Breaking Boundaries, written by Joe Caramagna with art from Kawaii Creative Studio — the group that adapted the original Frozen into a graphic novel — sees Elsa and Anna deal with unexpected disruptions in the kingdom, with the appearance of a wild animal in the village, destruction in the forest and growing tension with a nearby kingdom. Could there be a common thread uniting these different events?

The comic book miniseries, which was announced in January, is part of a deal between Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics and Disney to bring the latter’s animated properties to comics; other properties covered by the deal include Aladdin, The Incredibles and Zootopia.

The first issue of Disney Frozen: Breaking Boundaries is available now in comic book stores and digitally. Read on for a preview.