'Disney Heroes: Battle Mode' Trailer Unites Fan-Favorite Characters

Characters from 'The Incredibles,' 'Toy Story,' 'Wall-E,' 'Wreck-It Ralph' and more are in the mix for the mobile game.

Fans of The Incredibles will have to wait another month for their favorite crime-fighting family to reunite, while Wreck-It Ralph's faithful followers won't see his big return until late fall. Thanks to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, however, Disney and Pixar fans can wreak havoc as characters from both franchises long before their respective film sequels land.

Heat Vision has an exclusive look at the gameplay of Battle Mode.

The action role-playing game is a collaboration between Disney and mobile game developer PerBlue. It encourages players to create unlikely teams — drawn from 25 characters — in an effort to thwart an evil virus that's corrupted a digital city. In addition to the aforementioned franchises, fans can fill out their five-hero rosters with characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Zootopia, Pirates of the Caribbean and Wall-E.

A clever mashup might, for example, see Frozone put a baddie on ice before Ralph shatters them to bits, or Elastigirl setting up a foe with her stretchy limbs so Vanellope can finish them off with an oversize lollipop. Unlocking more characters — and their specific skills — opens even more possibilities for creative combat. We're especially looking forward to watching Buzz Lightyear's and Capt. Jack Sparrow's combat strategies — and personalities — clash on the battlefield.

Battle Mode, available now at the App Store and on Google Play, is free-to-play, but you can also pay real-world money to unlock all the characters and levels faster. One thing is for sure: If you have been dying to see Judy Hopps and Chief Bogo join forces in a tooth-and-nail brawl or just wondered what it'd be like to deliver the full force of Fix-It Felix's hammer, Battle Mode might be your next mobile game addiction.

  • Matt Cabral