Disney Parks' New Grandiose 'Star Wars' Attraction Off to Rough Start

It has been reported by guests that the ride broke down during its first two days of operation.

It appears the new, stunning Star Wars attraction, "Rise of the Resistance," at Walt Disney World is off to a rough start, reportedly breaking down in its first two days of operation. 

Heralded as the most impressive ride undertaking in Disney Parks history, the "Rise of the Resistance" located in the Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge, opened Thursday, and according to visitors who posted to social media, the ride broke down multiple times, forcing them to evacuate the area. 

It did not appear that the situation was going much better on Friday, again with visitors reporting on social media that the ride had apparently broken down. 

Those evacuated after the ride reportedly went offline were given fast passes to return. 

"Rise of the Resistance has broken down twice while I was in line. This is literally the second time I have been given a fast pass to come back ... silence," said one visitor Friday via Twitter, who posted multiple images chronicling their morning in the area. 

The attraction was so popular, the Florida park was using the virtual queue system, aka boarding pass, for would-be riders, which were snapped up at light speed as soon as the park opened, according social media reports

Walt Disney World officials were not immediately available for comment. 

Those who were able to ride the attraction proclaimed it was one of the most impressive theme park experiences they had had, noting the interaction with both actors and animatronics in what Disney Parks has billed as its longest ride to date. 

"Rise of the Resistance" opens at Disneyland on Jan. 17, 2020.