Disney Picks Up Family Adventure Project 'Princess of North Sudan'

Jeremiah Heaton - H 2014
<p>Jeremiah Heaton - H 2014</p>   |   Jeremiah Heaton
'Super Size Me' filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is one of the producers

Disney is developing The Princess of North Sudan, which is based on the recent events of an American man claiming a territory in Africa and proclaiming himself and his family its kings and queens. 

The studio has picked up the life rights of the man, Jeremiah Heaton, as well as that of his family.

Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker behind documentaries Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, is on board to produce along with Richard Arlook.

The media covered the event in the summer, which focused on American dad Heaton whose daughter asked if she would ever be a princess. Like any good American dad not wanting to disappoint his daughter, he began searching for a region in the world that was disputed, alighting on a territory named Bir Tawil, an area between Egypt and Sudan. In June, he flew to the area, planted a flag and claimed it for himself and his family. They called it the Kingdom of North Sudan.

Spurlock and Arlook, Spurlock's manager, contacted Heaton directly, who in turn granted them permission to his and his family’s life rights. The pair then approached Disney.

The project has no writer attached, but the studio wants to focus on the father-daughter relationship and use the article as a jumping-off point for a fantastical adventure.

Princess of North Sudan is a working title at this stage.

Spurlock, Warrior Poets, and Heaton are repped by CAA.  Spurlock and Warrior Poets are additionally repped by 3B Law.

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Nov. 6 4:40 update: Corrected to say Disney picked up the life rights to Heaton, not the rights to the Guardian article.