Disney Releases First 'Big Hero 6' Trailer (Video)

The almost wordless trailer features the first look at the animated adaptation of the obscure Marvel property.

Apparently, creating an awesome superhero robot is harder than it looks — or so Hiro Hamada discovers in the first trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6.

Surprisingly, the (almost silent) trailer doesn’t mention the Marvel Comics origin of the property, instead referring to it as “From the creators of Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph” — movies that may appeal more to the target demographic, admittedly, but the lack of any Marvel mention (Even the company’s iconic logo is missing from the title card, which only features the Disney logo) seems surprising considering the brand’s success elsewhere.

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The trailer does a good job of teasing the attitude of the movie, however: something silly that undercuts the (melo)drama of many superhero epics, focusing instead on the comedy behind the myth-making as Hiro’s attempts to transform Baymax into the robot warrior of his dreams don’t go quite as planned.

Directed by Winnie the Pooh’s Don Hall and Bolt’s Chris Williams, Big Hero 6 will be released on Nov. 7.